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Categories: 2018, Next Generation Technology

Spacehand: The Next Generation On-Orbit-Servicing Tool

Telecommunication and observations satellites are the backbone of many fantastic technologies and improves the life quality of billions of humans beings. Maintaining and upgrading a network of such satellites is, however, remaining a challenging and expensive task. The concept on robotic on-orbit servicing provides an elegant and cost effective approach to the challenge, allowing to optimize the payload value, extend the service life-time and reduce the debris generation. A complete on orbit servicing solution requires many segments, such as navigation and guidance, energy production, communication and, of course, robotic arm and tools. This paper is focusing on the latter and presents a dexterous robotic hand, the Spacehand, that is designed for a multi years operation in GEO, planned for 2021. The paper reports the latest state of the project and discusses several critical aspects of the design.



Author: Maximilian Maier
Topic: Next Generation Technology

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