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Categories: 2019, Space Data Products and Services

The Data Exploitation (DEX) Platform

The Data EXploitation (DEX) Platform is part of the Enterprise Ground Service (EGS) being developed to provide shared cloud infrastructure, common user interfaces, and common command and control for multiple space missions. DEX is an evolvable, responsive, cloud-based data exploitation platform that supports Space Situational Awareness and facilitates real-time identification of abnormalities in mission data. The platform extracts and delivers actionable information for satellite operations by running configurable, general-purpose and domain-specific analytics on mission data sets. DEX stores data from EGS resources (satellites, antennae, data centers, etc.) and applies advanced analytics to extract the maximum operational value from real-time data streams and stored data. The DEX platform enables delivery of timely, accurate, and actionable information to commanders, operators, analysts, and stakeholders for planning, conducting and assessing space operations. Key features of the DEX data analytics platform include: (1) it supports easy integration of new analytics algorithms; (2) the DEX platform stores and disseminates mission data to facilitate data exploitation; (3) DEX is designed for operation on the cloud and takes advantage of cloud scalability and resilience; and (4) the DEX platform allows users to configure and deploy analytics in real time in response to alerts and cues, quickly changing the currently running situational, regional and global analytics profiles. In this paper, we present the DEX architecture and implementation and describe the current status of the DEX prototype for key Space Situational Awareness use cases.


Author: Ann Chervenak/Carlos F Rexach
Topic: Space Data Products and Services

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