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Certification Partner Improves Space Technology

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Eagle Shield High Performance Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation Cuts Energy Costs

Long-time Space Certification Program partner Eagle Shield Industries has begun marketing its patented High Performance Radiant Barrier Reflective InsulationTM.This new product blocks radiant heat transfer across open spaces to dramatically reduce the amount of heat buildings lose in the winter and gain in the summer, thus extending the life of heating and cooling systems, reducing energy bills, and increasing indoor comfort.

The new insulation is based on technology developed by NASA to protect Apollo astronauts from temperatures ranging from 250 degrees to minus 460 degrees Fahrenheit. The same materials have been used on every spacecraft since then, including unmanned spacecraft with delicate instruments that need protection from temperature extremes, and on spacesuits to protect astronauts during space walks.

High Performance Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation will not tear, flame-up or smoke. It has an emissivity rating of 3 percent and a reflectivity rating of 97 percent, which translates into greater comfort and lower energy bills. It is also affordable, environmentally safe, and fast and easy to install.

“We are very proud to add this technology to our growing list of world-class energy-saving green products,” said Eagle Shield Industries Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Garrett Harwood. “And, through Space Certification, we’re partnering with the Space Foundation to help to improve public awareness and appreciation of the practical benefits of space technology.”