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'Play Along' Help During Elections

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'Play Along' Help During Elections Tracking how the upcoming elections could affect space policy is a daunting task. To help companies and individuals keep track of potential impact on committees and positions in Congress that oversee space policy, the Space Foundation has prepared a document that lists all the U.S. House and Senate members running for reelection who sit on committees with jurisdiction over space policy and/or have space-related constituencies. The lists are organized by committee and sorted by seniority. After the elections, the Space Foundation will update the list to identify the outcome of each race.

To download the tracking document in PDF or Excel spreadsheet format, click here.

"We know that our constituents need to understand who's who in Washington when it comes to space policy. We also know that keeping track during the elections can be time-consuming and confusing," said Space Foundation Vice President Washington Operations Brendan Curry. "That's why we're sharing our tracking activity with anyone who needs this kind of information."

The speadsheet is among many services the Space Foundation provides to the Washington, D.C., community and others who are interested in and/or involved in space policy. This includes white papers, training sessions, forums, testimony and The Space Report; The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Actvity. To see Space Foundation research and analysis resources, click here.


This article is part of Space Watch: November 2010 (Volume: 9, Issue: 11).