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Space Agency Spotlight: UAE Space Agency

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Space Agency is the newest addition to the growing list of global space agencies. Established in 2014, the vision of the UAE Space Agency is to “proudly craft the future of the United Arab Emirates as a leader in space and inspire our future generations for the benefit of the nation and humankind.”

The mission is to organize and guide “the space sector, by contributing to the national economy and sustainable development, by preparing generations of highly skilled professionals and by developing space research, space programs and strategic partnerships in the field of space.”  The values include national pride, integrity, excellence, commitment, collaboration and innovation. 

Not unlike other space agencies, the UAE Space Agency includes a Mission to Mars which includes first sending a probe to Mars. To achieve this, the UAE is developing more courses for schools and universities in the subjects of math, science, physics and space studies. By 2021, the UAE plans to be among the top countries in the space and aerospace industries.

This year at the 31st Space Symposium, a Country in Focus panel was dedicated to the UAE, (pictured). For more about the UAE Space Agency, click here

This article is part of Space Watch: July 2015 (Volume: 14, Issue: 7).

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