New Generation Initiatives

Brick by Brick, Building the New Generation

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

by Kelly Shelton, Space Foundation Manager – Philanthropy

Building a career is not easy. The path to success is laid brick by brick. The Space Foundation knows that each of those bricks is critical to maintaining forward momentum and achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Whether that “brick” is a colleague you meet at a networking event, a mentor who answers your burning questions or a professional development opportunity that expands your knowledge of the industry, the Space Foundation is here to help you lay your path. Our New Generation program, aimed at young aerospace professionals 35 and younger, provides just that.  

If you have been the beneficiary of one of these programs, then you know how powerful and valuable they can be. But it doesn’t have to end there. As a young professional, you also have the opportunity to pay it forward and give back to the next New Generation of leaders.

Through our Swigert Society Young Leaders program, you have the opportunity to be a leadership investor in the future of the next generation of young professionals. The Swigert Society is a group of dedicated leaders who are invested in the Space Foundation mission and our programs. As a Young Leader member, you get the opportunity to not only do good through your gift, but also the chance to meet other like-minded space professionals dedicated to the industry’s success, all while staying connected and up-to-date with the latest successes and upcoming initiatives of the Space Foundation.

Be a Young Leader. Lay the foundation for the next generation. Invest int he future for $21 a month or $250 a year. Join today!

For more information on supporting the Space Foundation New Gen program, please call the Philanthropy department at 719-576-8000, or email [email protected].