New Generation Initiatives

Brick by Brick, Building the New Generation

by Kelly Shelton, Space Foundation Manager – Philanthropy

Building a career is not easy. The path to success is laid brick by brick. The Space Foundation knows that each of those bricks is critical to maintaining forward momentum and achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

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Advance Your Career Through Space Foundation New Generation Participation

During the 34th Space Symposium, the Space Foundation will help New Generation participants gain visibility and exposure to senior leaders while getting advice and insight on career development through mentoring opportunities, workshops, Q&A sessions and through panel discussions, such as “Propelling the New Generation Workforce.” Who Should Attend New Generation Space Leaders Events? Space professionals…

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New Generation Mentors Announced for 34th Space Symposium

Founded in 2008, the Space Foundation’s New Generation program targets aerospace professionals age 35 and younger and fosters meaningful, long-term peer relationships by providing access to top space leaders through program opportunities at Space Symposium and throughout the year. Our goal is to fuel the future for young professionals, be the driving force in helping…

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New Gen Program Prepares for 34th Space Symposium

by Bernadette Maisel, Space Foundation Director – Program Initiatives The New Generation team at the Space Foundation is excited to introduce our new branding! In developing this new look (see below), we put our focus on what the mission of our program is and who it represents. Founded in 2008, the Space Foundation’s New Generation…

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Space Foundation to Host Colorado New Generation Networking Event – "Martians and Margaritas"

New ideas and fresh perspectives can lead a department, business and even an industry to heights. The innovators credited with these ideas often cannot do it alone, and typically have a strong mentor by their side. Mentorship provides knowledge, insight, perspective and more to the mentee, and often to the mentor, as well. It is…

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Young Professionals Leading Change

by Kelly Shelton, Space Foundation Manager – Philanthropy Innovation, change, and impact. These are all things young professionals want to be a part of and help make happen. The Space Foundation is a place where, as a young professional, you can make an impact and be a leader.   As a non-profit, our supporters are…

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New Generation Social: Margaritas and Martians at the Discovery Center

Since 2008, the Space Foundation has made it a part of its focus to support, engage and lift up the young professionals in the aerospace industry through our New Generation program. We have consistently found that young professionals in the aerospace industry are hungry for support, connections and a greater understanding of how to take…

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New Generation Space Leader Programming at the 33rd Space Symposium

One of the most anticipated tracks featured at the 33rd Space Symposium will be the ever-growing, New Generation Space Leaders programming. The multi-dimensional New Generation Space Leaders program features speed mentoring, workshop sessions, keynotes, Q&A sessions, interactivity, social networking, receptions and exposure for some members as part of the Space Symposium agenda. The New Gen…

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New Gen Spotlight: Words of Wisdom

Over the past few months we have interviewed New Gen members and mentors, and found one common theme, there is space for everyone in space. Many of our spotlights mentioned an interest in space and STEM fields from a young age, that with encouragement, commitment and hard work have led to extremely interesting professions found…

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New Gen Spotlight: New Gen Sponsor ULA

This series in Space Watch spotlights one New Generation participant and one New Gen mentor, providing insight into the success of these space professionals. The Space Foundation’s New Generation program was founded in 2008 as a forum to foster long-term peer relationships between young space professionals, aged 35 and younger, and top space leaders and mentors. This month,…

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