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Space4U Podcast: Peter Beck – Founder of Rocket Lab

Written by: Andrew de Naray

In this episode:

We meet Peter Beck, the founder and chief executive of Rocket Lab, a space technology company and global leader in dedicated small satellite launches. Since founding the business in 2006, Peter has grown Rocket Lab to become a globally recognized industry leader in space, and a billion-dollar company employing hundreds of world-class engineers and technicians.

In this conversation, Peter discusses how he first became interested in space as a child, what led him to establish Rocket Lab, some of the company’s most challenging and memorable launches, how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the company and its workplaces, and Rocket Lab’s foray into designing interplanetary missions to Venus and beyond.

Explaining his thoughts on the future of space exploration, Peter says, “If we stay on the same trajectory of … exponential development, then in 50 years’ time — man, we probably will be … in another solar system somewhere.”

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Transcript: Space4U podcast, Peter Beck
Hello, I'm Andrew de Naray with the Space Foundation, and you're listening to the Space4U podcast. Space4U is designed to tell the stories of the amazing people who make today's space exploration possible. Today we are joined by Peter Beck. Peter is the founder and chief executive of Rocket Lab,…
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