Space Certification

Advanced lubricants and engine treatments

To transport a 12-million-pound spacecraft from an assembly plant to a launchpad, NASA uses a shuttle transporter called a Crawler, which requires a large quantity of track lubricant. But they ran into a problem in the mid-1990s: The lubricant used for this machine up was both ineffective and bad for the environment. That is where X-1R (previously known as Sun Coast Chemicals of Daytona) came into the picture. In 1996, with funding and research help from NASA, they developed a biodegradable product they called Crawler Track Lube, and then went on to create three new products using the same biodegradable base as Crawler Track Lube, one of which was used by the Florida railroad system to solve a serious wear problem they had. X-1R Performance Products are dedicated to creating innovative products that are tough on wear, but soft on the environment.
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