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Space Certification Partner

The X-1R Corporation

The X-1R Corporation was founded in Daytona Florida in 1989 with the mission of formulating and pioneering the next generation of scientifically proven and demonstrably superior lubrication products for use in the Motor Sports industry.  Since that time X-1R has continued to maintain the same high standards and also managed to broaden our product range to include award winning lubricants, fuel detergents, octane and cetane boosters and greases.

The X-1R’s Engine Treatment, the cornerstone to our product offering, was designed specifically to reduce friction and wear. It stands alone from competition as scientifically and statistically proven to meet its label claims- it really works!  The X-1R’s technology is supported by credible scientific research and accolades from numerous partnerships with the motor sport/racing industry, commercial usage in trucks, ships, aircraft & fleet vehicles and the auto aftermarket.

The X-1R is the only lubricant company to be inducted into the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame; no other lubricant technology than X-1R is exclusively accredited as, “Certified Space Technology”. In the mid 1990s NASA discovered a serious problem with the original lubrication system for their “shuttle mobile launch transporter”; a moving set of tracks carrying a 12 million pound load.