Navigating the Legal Challenges and Opportunities of Space Data Businesses

Data obtained or derived from space assets has enabled many current products and services, from GPS-driven apps dependent on precise geolocation to supply-chain inventory management systems driven by space-borne imagery. Businesses must access and analyze an exponentially-higher data volume from today, with data frequently obtained from low-Earth orbit small satellite constellations. Managing the resulting “big…

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Intellectual Property Rights in the Global Commons of Space

“If you build it, he will come.” Many of us are familiar with this famous line from the movie, “Field of Dreams”, the modern-day utopian fantasy about idealistic dreams and their fulfillment. But we – the tech-focused innovators – do not live in that dream world, but rather in the real world. And in the…

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Space Traffic Management Standards, Best Practices, & Guidelines: Gaps, Priorities, and Mechanisms

The United States’ Space Policy Directive – 3, “National Space Traffic Management Policy” identifies the need for more than 20 different space traffic management (STM) related standards, best practices, and guidelines to be developed to address a wide range of STM issues. This paper will assess the completeness of the list of standards, best practices,…

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National Security Space governance employing Hybrid Adaptive Networking for ensured Satcom Access in Global Response Operations

Deployed Global response teams have limited access to terrestrial and LOS communication networks, necessitating access to Satcom for timely information and response. Traditionally, National Security Space governance of Satcom supporting these missions has been dispersed among AFSPC, DISA, ARSTRAT, and RSSCs for Space and Networking and Services for terminals and platform integration. Recently, a new…

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