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The Space Report 2015Coming in July, 2015! The Space Report 2015


The Space Report puts comprehensive information at your fingertips to deliver the “big picture.” This exclusive publication shows how space activity affects people around the world and includes budgets, revenues and performance tracked by the Space Foundation Indexes, as well as detailed explanations of programs, products, policy, workforce and education initiatives

The Space Foundation welcomes comments, questions and other forms of feedback. The team of researchers who produce The Space Report each year are particularly interested to know which parts of the publication are most useful to you and what you would like to see included in the future. Please feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected] with:

  • Follow-up questions about the publication’s content (we are here to be a resource for you!)
  • Suggestions for future editions
  • Questions about purchasing The Space Report
  • Other comments

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