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Space Foundation Releases The Space Report 2022 Q3 with New Findings on Global Workforce, Space Force Recruiting, Spacesuits, and Biobandages

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

  • U.S. space employment grew 2.6% during 2021
  • U.S. Space Force saw more than 18,000 applicants vie for 511 enlisted jobs
  • Recent 3D printing experiments could revolutionize treatment of injuries in space

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Oct. 11, 2022 Space Foundation, a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983 for the global space ecosystem, today released The Space Report 2022 Q3, which examines key global space workforce data, a recruiting bonanza for the U.S. Space Force, a technological leap to treat astronaut injuries, and a new generation of spacesuits designed to fit 99% of the world’s adults.

In a four-part analysis, the Q3 edition offers a deep look at workforce issues from 2021 employment trends in the U.S. and Europe, recent headwinds that could temporarily tighten space hiring, a look at new and unexpected faces joining the space workforce, and an examination of Space Force’s recruiting success. The newest U.S. military branch is seeing just three of every 100 applicants donning the uniform. 2021 data is the latest year for which annual analysis is available.

“The ongoing demands of the growing space industry show the continued need for a steady supply of talent to fill an ever-growing variety of roles,” said Space Foundation CEO Tom Zelibor. “The good news from Space Force recruiting shows these space jobs have a growing allure for young people, pointing to a bright future across the space industry as its accomplishments inspire a new generation.”

The Q3 edition continues more than a decade of reporting by The Space Report on the space workforce, focusing in this edition on 2021 workforce data from across the globe. Ongoing growth in Europe and the United States led hiring, while Asian space firms held the line or saw slight employment declines. The variety of talent required across the space ecosystem is highlighted with a look at workers who tell of their journeys to find jobs tied to space, including some who took unlikely paths.

Included in the Q3 edition is a discussion with Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas, who is finding few challenges in his role as the U.S. Space Force’s top recruiter. Thomas said the service is the most difficult for new recruits to enter, with more than 18,000 applicants for about 500 posts. The Guardians who did gain entry include the largest percentage of women to enter any armed service in U.S. history.

The Space Report also examines technologies that could improve the lives of astronauts as the agency races to reach the Moon and beyond. Advancements in biotechnologies combined with 3D printing could be a boon for injured astronauts with biobandages, a polymer containing astronauts’ own cells that promises quicker healing.

Those astronauts will also be more comfortable on spacewalks and the Moon’s surface thanks to a deal between NASA and Axiom Space. Newly developed Axiom-owned spacesuits promise a better fit than older models along with advancements in mobility and life support. Once approved for spaceflight, the spacesuits will be available for lease to NASA and commercial companies under the agreement.

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