Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 2009

Micro Algae Nutritional Supplements and Products from Space Research

Inducted In: 2009, Health, Medicine

Millions of infants and adults around the world benefit from nutrition technology that began with space research. In the early 1980s NASA’s Closed Environment Life Support System program explored the use of microalgae as a food supply, oxygen source and waste disposal catalyst on long duration interplanetary missions. Scientists continued work independently after the completion…

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Aerodynamic Vehicle Design – Space Age Design on the Highways

NASA Image of Aerodynamic Vehicle Design
Inducted In: 2009, Transportation

Vehicle design has seen radical improvements thanks in large part to NASA aerodynamics and fluid dynamics research. As vehicles move down the road at highway speeds, they must ‘push’ the air in front of them out of the way. Large trucks in particular must move huge quantities of air, creating high pressure zones around the…

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