Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 2010

Eye Protection and Vision-Enhancing Technology

Image of Eagle Eyes Lens
Inducted In: 2010, Consumer, Home, Recreation

Beginning with research at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the 1960’s, Eagle Eyes technology is the result work to develop protection for human eyesight from the harmful effects of solar radiation.  Specifically, ultraviolet and blue-light rays which are known to contribute to cataract and age-related macular degeneration. NASA researchers looked to nature for a solution.…

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Digital Fly-by-Wire

NASA Image of Digital Fly-By-Wire
Inducted In: 2010, Transportation

The early 1960’s saw embedded computers advance sufficiently to be used in Apollo spacecraft. By the late 1960s, NASA Flight Research Center (previously Dryden Flight Center, now Armstrong Flight Research Center) engineers began work to replace mechanical flight-control with digital fly-by-wire technology. Support came from Neil Armstrong who backed the transfer of a U.S. Navy…

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