Eye Protection and Vision-Enhancing Technology

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Alan Mittelman
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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Eagle Eye Optics

Beginning with research at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the 1960’s, Eagle Eyes technology is the result work to develop protection for human eyesight from the harmful effects of solar radiation.  Specifically, ultraviolet and blue-light rays which are known to contribute to cataract and age-related macular degeneration.

NASA researchers looked to nature for a solution. They learned that the eyes of birds of prey contain oil droplets that filter out harmful radiation and permit only specific wavelengths of light to enter giving them extreme visual clarity” even at great distances.

An advanced formula replicating this natural system was successfully applied to the first transparent welding curtain to filter out harmful light and protect human eyesight in hazardous environments. The new technology was soon applied to sunglasses and introduced to the public under the Sun Tiger name known today as Eagle Eyes Optics. Eagle Eyes Optics absorb 99+%% of all photo wavelengths considered hazardous to human eye tissue – including UVA, UVB and blue-light up to 475 nanometers in the wavelength spectrum and the cut-off point at which visible light is allowed to transmit through the lens. Scientific shows that this range is the most beneficial to the human eye for protection and increased visual perception, contrast and reduced chromatic aberration. Eagle Eyes products are recognized around the world for their protective and vision-enhancing capabilities and are another excellent example of how space technology benefits life on Earth.

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