Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 2016

WATEX Remote-Sensing Data

NASA Space Radar Image of Wadi Kufra, Libya

Dr. Alain Gachet founded Radar Technologies International in 1999 to use satellite generated remote-sensing data to identify probable locations of precious metals. Analyzing satellite data in pursuit of precious metals in the Libyan Desert, Dr. Gachet made a surprising discovery. He identified a significant water leak in the Libyan water pipeline and realized that he…

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Langley Research Center’s Soluble Imide (LaRC-SI) compound for medical applications

Inducted In: 2016, Health, Medicine

Like so many prized finds, this discovery was unexpected. While at NASA Langley developing materials for high-speed civil transport and lightweight rocket bodies, Dr. Robert Bryant noticed that an experimental polymer that should have turned into a powder instead remained soluble. Others repeated his experiment with the same results. When Dr. Bryant left the research…

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