Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 2018

Miniaturized Laser Terminals for the Skies and Beyond

Inter-platform.terminal MLT-70

Reliable and affordable Laser Communication technology connecting the world There is an increasing worldwide demand for internet access to connect all aspects of our modern society.  Miniaturized Laser Terminals for aircraft, UAVs and satellites can provide backbone connectivity for such access in a reliable and affordable way. Digital communications technology reaches every aspect of our…

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High-Strength, Wear Resistant Aluminum Alloy (NASA 398)

NASA Image of High-Strength, Wear Resistant Aluminum Alloy

Light weight alloy technology with proven durability, longevity and reduced environmental impact In 1993, the Partnership for Next-Generation Vehicles (PNGV) brought together federal laboratories, universities, automakers and other industry partners, with the common goal of increasing automotive fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Towards this end, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center began work on its…

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