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Thriving Through Continuous Nutrient Delivery

Plants thrive best and remain healthiest when supplied with continuous nutrition. GAL-XeONE™ is a controlled-release fertilizer with a new, advanced polymer coating technology. It delivers optimal nutrients to the plant at a pace that matches a plant’s uptake requirements. GAL-XeONE fertilizer provides gradual release of plant nutrients to match a plant’s growth cycle as needed. It improves efficiency, limits plant damage and reduces nutrient loss.  GAL-XEONE™ is used by Florikan under license from J.R. Simplot Company.


EFFICIENT DELIVERY:  GAL-XEONE™ is a controlled-release fertilizer with a patented polymer coating technology that delivers nutrients to the plant at the right rate to match a plant’s uptake needs.

EXTENDED RELEASE:  Plants are healthiest with constant nutrition over an extended period. GAL-XEONE technology allows consistent, predictable delivery of plant nutrients.

EXACTING TECHNOLOGY:  The patented GAL-XEONE coating uses technology developed with support from NASA to allow water to enter the prill then carry the nutrient solution out through a precise, semi-permeable membrane.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  Delivering just the right amount of nutrients to match the pace of plant growth is a 4R Nutrient Stewardship® best practice and an efficient use of resources.


  • Controlled nutrient release from 2 months up to 18+ months
  • Sustained nutrient delivery to improve plant health
  • Reduced losses from volatilization and leaching, and minimized risk of scorching
  • Reduced number of applications therefore reducing labor and logistics costs
  • Applying the right source of nutrients at the right rate at the right time and in the right place
  • East and West coast production enables nationwide & international availability

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