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LJ-321, Active Ingredient in Commercial UV Protection

Using a unique biological isolate obtained from a national governmental space exploration agency, Liberty Biosecurity has developed a compound that demonstrates significant UV shielding properties. The novel isolate, LJ-321, first developed resistance to chronic UV radiation as a result of long duration exposure to space on the exterior of an Earth orbiting satellite.

Through continued directed evolution, Liberty scientists have further enhanced LJ-321 UV resistant properties. The process developed by Liberty improved the ultraviolet radiation shielding properties of LJ-321 by an average of 50% and 40% respectively against UVA and UVB, when compared to the native LJ-321 obtained from space. Testing of LJ-321 has shown similar efficacy at shielding against UVA and UVB radiation to that of leading commercial brands of SPF 50 sunscreen.

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