Space Certification

Nano-filter Technology

Water is a precious resource in space because it is heavy, and therefore difficult to transport. Excellent water filtration systems are a must for space travel, as it can be disastrous to waste a single drop. With the help of NASA scientists, Water Pure Technologies developed a new form of water filtration for use in space travel. These Nano-fiber filters are up to 300 times faster than those from leading competitors, and last 25 times longer. Faster, more efficient, and easier-to-transport filtration systems are a necessary breakthrough in space technology. The road to Mars has been paved a little further with these advancements by Water Pure Technologies. The filters also have applications for home and office water systems. Water Pure Technologies believes that clean drinking water is a human right, and they participate in many humanitarian efforts to supply clean water, including leper colonies in India. Founded and led by Tom Smokov, they are blazing a trail for water filtration, using safe and environmentally friendly materials made in the United States for their products.

To see more about the company, or get a filtration system for your home, visit To hear their story first hand, listen to their Space4U podcast.

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