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Water Pure Technologies, Inc.

We are a modern, state-of-the-art, engineering, and manufacturing company

Water Pure Technologies was incorporated in 2011, to provide sustainable access to clean water at home, abroad, and most importantly in developing countries and disaster areas. It is our core belief that clean water is not just a human necessity, but our most fundamental human right.

The mission of Water Pure Technologies is to create the most scientifically beneficial, and advanced water filtration, and water treatment products in the world. Science, and innovation are the key foundational principles for our company.

Designing, developing, and manufacturing Nano-fiber water filtration systems, and Mineral-ion point-of-use water treatment products that are applicable to both domestic, disaster, humanitarian and the industrial sectors.

Vision Statement: Water Pure Technologies vision… no person should ever be in want of pure, clean, safe, drinking water.

We believe safe, clean drinking water is a Human right, a portion of our sales goes towards Humanitarian and clean water projects both abroad and in the U.S.