Microbial Check Valve

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Water FiltrationWhen NASA needed advanced water purification for the Shuttle Orbiter they turned to Umpqua Research. The resulting Microbial Check Valve or MCV system continues to treat Shuttle water sources with a patented iodinated resin system providing both contact microbial kill and residual iodine to supply astronauts with safe drinking water. 

Looking to the International Space Station and long-duration space flights, Umpqua surpassed the original technology with the MCV Biocide Delivery Unit. This long-term, slow release iodine-based disinfection system is now in use aboard the ISS. Water Security Corporation now applies MCV technology to eliminate bacteria and viruses in contaminated water here on Earth.

A patented ion exchange resin feature – Iodosorb – has been added to remove virtually all residual iodine from the treated water making iodine-based disinfection a practical solution for a range commercial and consumer markets.Water Security Corp logo

Working with humanitarian and other organizations, Water Security Corporation is providing these systems to developing countries where drinking water is a major health concern. Recipients include earthquake refugees in Pakistan, Kurdish villagers in northern Iraq, and the people of rural Sabana San Juan, Dominican Republic.

Over 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and over 10 million die each year of water bourne diseases. Today Microbial Check Valve space technology is helping provide safe drinking water the people who need it most right here on Earth.

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