Rendezvous Mission Risk Reduction Through Passively Safe Orbital Rendezvous

Abstract: Orbital rendezvous is a critical element of missions to perform satellite servicing, active debris mitigation, in-space manufacturing, cargo and crew resupply, and sample capture. One method for reducing risk in orbital rendezvous applications is to design the rendezvous mission elements to minimize the probability of collision if vehicle control is lost during terminal approach…

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Contribution of Commercial Small Satellites to Space Domain Mission Assurance

The 2015 Space Mission Assurance Taxonomy defines the OSD Policy perspective on Space Domain Mission Assurance (SDMA) for critical national security space (NSS) assets. The document classifies three approaches to Mission Assurance for NSS systems: Defensive Operations, Reconstitution, and Resilience, which is further separated into six sub-elements. Since its publication, the Taxonomy has gained wide…

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Additive manufacturing travels into space: Transforming business models with next-generation production

3D printing is impacting aerospace manufacturing by shaping the next generation of production; it’s improving operational efficiency through rapid design iterations, cost-effective and low volume production, and integrated design-to-production workflows. Powering more efficient manufacturing today, 3D printing also creates a framework for transforming business models by accelerating innovation and simplifying manufacturing supply chains. During this…

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Growing VEGGIE

Scope Statement: Florikan is a proud partner with NASA’s VEGGIE program, and in this presentation we will take guests through a quick tour of the current plant growth systems on the International Space Station, and our part within it. We will then expound on how our technologies aides the growth of plants in microgravity, what…

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Recent lessons learned from program execution to enable Risk Mitigation for future acquisition strategies

Recent Ball Aerospace built systems and system elements have identified several areas impact risk-based acquisition decisions. Ball’s customers and internal technology development activities have identified key areas to enable future architectures. These areas focus on shorter mission durations, command media driven execution, enhanced capabilities through advanced technology insertion, and most importantly all the above at…

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