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Categories: 2016, Launch

Force Limited Vibration Testing of CubeSats

Due to the high cost, long development times, and uniqueness of satellites, it has become imperative to implement techniques that ensure their safety during vibration qualification testing. Force Limited Vibration is used to limit the reaction force between the shaker and unit under test. The use of piezoelectric, 3-component force sensors facilitates easy and accurate measurement of the input force. This force relates directly, using Newton’s Second Law, F=ma, to the “quasi-static” acceleration of the structure’s center-of-gravity. Payloads are often fitted with piezoelectric force sensors using flight hardware or adaptor rings that present the problem of proper installation and preload required for a successful test.  Preloading selection criteria is reviewed in detail along with its effects on gage sensitivity caused by bolt material effects.  A CubeSat case study is presented showing 3-component piezoelectric force gages at each mounting point.


Author: Mike Grimaldi
Topic: Launch