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Space Foundation Grants Certified Space Technology Status to Regenetech Inc.

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Space Foundation Grants Certified Space Technology Status to Regenetech Inc.COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (May. 23, 2011) — The Space Foundation has designated Regenetech Inc.’s Intrifuge CellXpansion technology as a Certified Space Technology, following the product’s induction into the prestigious Space Technology Hall of Fame® earlier this year.

The Space Foundation manages both the Space Certification program and the Space Technology Hall of Fame® to recognize products originally developed for space that have been adapted to improve life on Earth. Certification allows Regenetech to display the exclusive Space Certification seal and to use the designation in its marketing and sales programs.

Intrifuge CellXpansion technology is used to expand adult stem cells and assist in tissue engineering and production of human bio-molecules for research and treatment of a range of medical conditions. It is the latest adaptation of a bio-reactor technology originally developed and licensed by NASA. In addition to being inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame®, it has been recognized by NASA Spinoff magazine.

Regenetech plans to develop a range of consumer products using bio-molecules produced using the Intrifuge CellXpansion technology. The first will be the EVOQUE line of skin care products. These products contain a combination of bio-molecules created using the Intrifuge technology.

About Space Certification
The Space Foundation launched the Space Certification program in 1996 to demonstrate how products and services developed for space improve life on Earth. This unique branding program allows qualifying products and services to display the official Space Certification seal and to benefit from cooperative marketing programs.

The Space Foundation works closely with NASA to identify and validate products and services eligible for recognition. There are three classifications of Space Foundation Certified Products:

  • Certified Technology Products – Products or services that directly results from space technology or space program development such that the product exists because of advances in space technology; 
  • Certified Educational Products – Products used in educational environments to stimulate interest and knowledge about Space; and 
  • Certified Imagination Products.

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Although Space Certification is not directly related to the Space Foundation’s other space awareness program, The Space Technology Hall of Fame®, occasionally inducted technologies receive certification or vice versa.

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About the Space Foundation
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