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Space Foundation Strategic Plan

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

The world’s premier organization to inspire, educate, connect, and advocate on behalf of the global space community.

Be the preeminent resource for space education, a trusted source of space information, and a provider of exceptional forums for the exchange of ideas.

Strategic Plan
The Space Foundation is based on three strategic pillars — Educational Programs, Space Awareness Initiatives, and Service to the Space Community, each executed at a world-class level.

We will foster meaningful educational programs for science, technology, engineering, math, arts, and humanities related to the exploration, development, utilization and settlement of space. We will help to develop a workforce with critical thinking skills and to cultivate a populace that understands and supports a robust space program.  We will provide pre-school to graduate level space education programs that prepare young people and educators for the scientific challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century. We will increase the public use of our Space Foundation Discovery Center where we provide engaging, interactive exhibits that tell the story of space and its importance to everyday life. We will expand our strong philanthropic development program to support education and other space-related initiatives.

Space Awareness
We will build awareness for the value of space endeavors. Our space awareness responsibility extends to the general population and to women and men of influence including government officials and their staffs, media professionals, teachers and other academics, investors, and business leaders. Through Space Foundation educational programs, publications, and industry events, we will bring accurate, substantive information to the people and organizations that have entrepreneurial, financial, political, and other material influence on the accomplishment of space goals. We will use our convening power to bring together diverse communities, thereby providing forums for robust discussion and new ideas. We will build demand for The Space Report, white papers, web postings, and other products to enhance the reputation of the Space Foundation as a preeminent resource of space industry expertise and information. We will nurture media relationships worldwide, and continue to expand formal, informal, and social media outreach. We will recognize space pioneers, discoveries, technologies, educators, and entrepreneurs to elevate public awareness of space achievements and their contributions to the world.

Service to the Space Community
The Space Foundation will offer a robust membership program. We will widen our spheres of community influence and provide members with useful information and important contacts to improve their productivity, profitability, and value. Corporate membership will include companies of all sizes throughout the world, from all sectors of the space industry. We will create and conduct high quality events and activities that leverage the Space Foundation’s reputation as the leading proponent for the entire space community. We will integrate young professionals into our events and programs. We will collaborate with other space-related organizations to advance global space interests. We will work with national and international entities in the development and implementation of space policies that serve the industry and the public.

World Class International Organization
We are committed to excellence in all we do. We will maintain a foundation recognized as one of the best non-profit organizations to work for. We are committed to our employees’ professional development. We will ensure employees have the tools, training, and motivation to accomplish their jobs. We will promote and recruit the best-qualified people. We will develop a dedicated cadre of volunteers who support our vision, mission, and programs. We will encourage a diverse workplace. We will provide a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy, and conscious of family and community interests.

Adopted 2017