Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 1996

Radiant Barrier

NASA Image of Radiant Barrier
Inducted In: 1996, Public Safety

Spacecraft are subject to temperature extremes that range from 400° F above zero to 400° below zero. Protecting astronauts from these extreme temperatures was a prime concern for NASA spacecraft designers. NASA researchers sought after a temperature control technology for the Apollo spacecraft that would provide a barrier which was both lightweight and flexible and…

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Fire-Resistant Aircraft Seats

NASA Image of seat on flight deck
Inducted In: 1996, Public Safety

One of the tragedies of the early space program was a fire that occurred in an Apollo module causing the deaths of three astronauts. On investigation of the fire, it was found that some of the materials utilized in the spacecraft, such as polyurethane foam in seats, were highly flammable. NASA initiated an extensive research…

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Anti-Shock Trousers

NASA Image of Anti-Shock Trousers
Inducted In: 1996, Health, Medicine

One of the potential hazards confronted by astronauts is the shifting of bodily fluids that occur as a result of changing gravity levels. During the Apollo program, NASA’s Ames Research Center began conducting research on the use of pilot anti-G suits for possible astronaut use. These anti-G suits were developed for pilots of high-performance aircraft…

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