Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 1997

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Technology

NASA Image of Hubble Telescope
Inducted In: 1997, Health, Medicine

The ability to see faint objects, such as distant galaxies, is a critical element of the Hubble Space Telescope’s mission. NASA researchers found that available technology could not meet Hubble’s stringent requirements. A joint development effort between NASA and Scientific Imaging Technologies, Inc. (SITe) developed a new charged coupled device technology fulfilling the rigorous needs.…

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Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS)

ACTS/TOS after release from Shuttle Discovery

With an ever-increasing market for satellite generated information, new advanced satellite communications methods for transmitting tremendous amounts of information are needed. NASA ascertained that an all-digital, gigabit-capacity communications system was necessary to handle the growing demand and produced the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS). Launched in 1993, the satellite uses advanced on-board switching and processing…

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