Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 1998

Tempur Foam

Inducted In: 1998, Consumer, Featured, Home, Recreation

The TEMPUR story begins in the late 1960s when NASA scientists and engineers were asked to develop a material to absorb the G-force pressure astronauts endure during lift-off and landing. They invented a unique formulation of viscoelastic material, with both high-energy absorption and soft, pressure-relieving properties. In the early 1970s, our Swedish founders – Mikael…

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Global Positioning System (GPS)

NASA Image of GPS
Inducted In: 1998, Consumer, Home, Recreation

The Global Positioning System (GPS) program began in 1973 when the U.S. military services and the Defense Mapping Agency combined resources to develop a highly accurate space-based navigation system. Functions not originally envisioned, such as communications system synchronization, search and rescue, precision approaches and landings, and GPS-assisted munitions, have come into common usage within the…

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