Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 2000

Light Emitting Diodes for medical applications

NASA Image of Light Emitting Diodes
Inducted In: 2000, Health, Medicine

One of NASA’s life science research goals is to better understand plant growth in microgravity. NASA found that it was difficult to use traditional plant growth light sources in space because they require considerable power and turn much of it into heat. This means that the experimental system has to have good controls to eliminate…

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Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)

Inducted In: 2000, Consumer, Home, Recreation

A few decades ago visionaries at Hughes Electronics Corporation believed that it should be possible to produce a digitally-based, direct broadcast satellite (DBS) that would provide services directly to home consumers. This idea was based upon a perceived growing market and the technology and know-how the corporation had from developing satellites for military and telecommunications…

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Advanced Lubricants

NASA Image of crawler-transporter
Inducted In: 2000, Transportation

In the mid 1990s NASA discovered an environmental problem with the material that was being used to lubricate the massive track system on the shuttle mobile launch transporter. Not surprisingly the lubricant requirements are rather extraordinary for this transporter. The product has to provide long-lasting and complete lubrication for a moving set of tracks that…

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