Space Certification

HEATSHEETS and Thermoflect

Radiant Barrier Technology was originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts and electrical systems from the harmful temperature fluctuations and radiation in space. Made by applying vaporized aluminum to a plastic sheet, AFM, LLC took this technology and made it available to consumers everywhere with Heatsheets. The blankets allow people to retain 90% of their body heat, even in extreme conditions. They are useful for preventing hypothermia or body-heat retention after extreme exercise. They are also used as shock blankets in emergency situations, or as lightweight outdoor clothing. Heatsheet blankets can be customized with logos, making them great for fundraiser marathons or other outdoor activity events. Not only do mylar blankets function as sleek clothing options for outdoor enthusiasts, they also save lives in emergency situations, comfort people in shock, and protect from the dangers of hypothermia.
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