Space Certification

Trizar™ Technology

NASA developed Protective Ceramic Coating Material (PCCM) to protect spacecraft from scorching temperatures during reentry into Earth’s atmosphere. These coatings work by having a “high emissivity.” Emissivity is defined as the ratio of the energy radiated from a material’s surface to that radiated from a perfect emitter (known as a blackbody) at the same temperature and wavelength, and under the same viewing conditions. This is measured on a scale from zero to one, one being a perfect black body. Trizar fabrics use PCCM technology that will keep you warm or cool depending on the product you purchase. The products with high emissivity will keep you warm by radiating heat energy, and the products with low emissivity will keep you cool by reflecting heat energy. Emisshield Inc. is developing Trizar products for a wide range of uses, from hunting and fishing, to winter sports, and even furniture.

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Company: Emisshield, Inc.

Emisshield, Inc. located in Blacksburg, VA was found in 1999. As a privately held company, Emisshield® holds several patents… Learn More