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Space4U Podcast: Brad Poorman and Jim Hind — Clean Textile Technology

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team


In this episode:

We meet Brad Poorman, CEO and owner, and Jim Hind, COO and owner of Clean Textile Technology. Clean Textile Technology applies NASA-developed technologies to smart outdoor apparel using the science of emissivity to retain heat. The company has applied this technology to clothing, outdoor gear, bedding, and footwear, and their products are Space Certified through the Space Foundation.

In this conversation, Brad and Jim discuss the company’s origin story and how they adapted a coating and particle technology developed to reduce the heat buildup on spacecraft as they pass through various atmospheres. They also explain how they became aware of the science of emissivity, relate a few of the humorous challenges they encountered in their attempts to integrate the technology into fibers finer than a strand of hair, and then touch on other kinds of apparel they’d like to apply it to in
the future.

In discussing the principle of emissivity, Jim Hind noted that, “Albert Einstein actually died [while] writing a paper on emissivity. It’s an intriguing concept between absorption and reflection that’s been around quite a while, since the early [19]50s.”

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Hello. And thank you for listening to the Space4U podcast, where we tell the stories of, and have conversations with the people who continue to drive the space economy and make space exploration possible. My name is Kelly Kedis-Ogborn. And today I'm talking with Clean Textile Technology, which provides space-age…
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