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Aerospace Software Pioneer Joins Space Foundation Board of Directors

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Sep. 5, 2002) — Paul Graziani, aerospace software pioneer and president and chief executive officer of Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), has been elected to the board of directors of the Space Foundation. Graziani will serve a three-year term on the board of the national non-profit organization. “Paul Graziani is an innovator, with unique insight into the space and satellite industries,” said Bill Tutt, chairman of the board, Space Foundation. “We expect that his leadership experience – from cyberspace to outer space – will have a positive impact on the Space Foundation’s mission to vigorously advance civil, commercial and national security space endeavors and education,” Tutt said. Graziani has headed AGI since 1989, when he left General Electric Space Division to start AGI in his living room. AGI is the producer of commercially available analysis and visualization software used by more than 28,000 aerospace, defense, and intelligence professionals worldwide. The award-winning company has grown to 120 employees in the Malvern, Pa., headquarters and six field offices in the United States and abroad. Graziani and AGI’s two other founders created Satellite Tool Kit (STK), the company’s flagship product, which is widely embraced by leading government, commercial, and educational organizations. Graziani earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from LaSalle College. AGI holds seven patents and has also earned numerous honors such as being included in various “fastest growing” lists; ranked the 62nd largest desktop software firm in the United States; singled out as one of the top 50 space companies in the world; and lauded as one of the 25 best companies to work for in America. Graziani will present a business case study, “Applying the Commercial Software Model to the Space Industry,” at the Foundation’s upcoming International Space Symposium. The global space conference, “Where Space Means Business,” takes place September 10-13 in Toulouse, France. In addition to the International Space Symposium, the Space Foundation conducts the space industry’s premier event, the National Space Symposium, scheduled April 7-10, 2003 in Colorado Springs, as well as Space Discovery teacher graduate courses and Space in the Classroom conferences. For more information about the Foundation and its activities visit or call toll-free 1-800-691-4000.