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LYX Wing Lounge Chair Receives Official Recognition as Certified Space Technology

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Sep. 22, 2003) — The Space Foundation announced today that the unique new Wing Lounge Chair by luxury furniture company LYX has received official recognition as a Certified Space Technology. Poised for its premier showing at the 100% Design Show in London, September 25-28, 2003, the LYX Wing Lounge chair or “Wing” is described as a reincarnation of the classic wing chair. “The Wing is made for serious cocooning and incorporates what is probably the largest single piece of shaped wood used in any chair,” said Swedish born designer Michael Malmborg. “The goal was to make a resting place that offers an experience that is as close to weightlessness one can get in a chair. And what is better than Space technology?” said Michael Mallborg, LYX Founder and Chief Designer. “The open cell visco-elastic foam is central to the supreme comfort of the Wing Lounge Chair. The sitting area in the chair is covered with three different degrees of firmness of open cell visco-elastic foam: firm foam in the horizontal seat where the pressure is high, less firm at the backrest and soft foam in the headrest.” In addition to cutting-edge design, the Wing provides exceptional comfort thanks in part to a space-age foam material originally developed by NASA to help alleviate astronauts of the enormous G-forces experienced during space missions. “The Wing’s foam upholstery adapts to your body leaving you in cosmic comfort,” said Malmborg. The revolutionary visco-elastic foam in WING is a result of more than a decade perfecting the original NASA foam material. The foam material senses body weight and temperature and automatically adjusts to support the user by distributing body weight over its entire surface. This unique support effectively eases pressure points on the body to provide the user with an optimal level of comfort. “The LYX Wing Lounge Chair uses technology originally designed for space to provide comfort to people right here on Earth. This makes it a truly exceptional product,” said Kevin C. Cook, Space Foundation Director of Marketing and Development. “The Space Foundation is pleased to recognize and support the inventiveness of companies like LYX through our Space Certification program. It is through our combined marketing and communications efforts that people around the world become aware of the many benefits that space-based technologies provide to all of us on Earth,” said Cook. The growing list of Space Certified products and services includes Outlast’s Adaptive Comfort(r) technology, Lexon Technologies’ Humanitarian Demining Flare, Magellan System’s Global Positioning System 2000, and Challenger Learning Centers. About The Space Foundation Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., the Space Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to vigorously advance and support civil, commercial and national security space endeavors and educational excellence. The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, established the Space Certification Program and the Space Technology Hall of Fame to recognize innovators who transform technology originally developed for space use into commercial products, to increase public awareness of the benefits of space transfer technology, and to encourage further innovation. For more information about the Space Foundation, the Space Certification Program and the Space Technology Hall of Fame, please visit For more information about the WING Lounge Chair, including specifications or hi-resolution images, please visit