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TempraKON by Quilts of Denmark Awarded Certified Space Technology Status

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Oct. 2, 2003) — The Space Foundation announced today that Quilts of Denmark’s newly introduced line of TempraKON(tm) bedding products has been officially recognized as a Certified Space Technology. “With its TempraKON(tm) line of products Quilts of Denmark has successfully combined the traditional with the space age,” said Kevin C. Cook, Space Foundation Director of Marketing and Development. Quilts of Denmark is the first European owned company to receive the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Certification. The Danish manufacturing specialist now produces “intelligent” TempraKON(tm) quilts and pillows. These new products unite time honored down and feathers with a very modern Outlast(R) fabric insert originally developed to protect astronauts from extreme temperature fluctuations. “TempraKON(tm) premium bedding products now provide customers with a superior sleep experience,” said Cook. U.S. headquartered Outlast Technologies, Inc. developed and patented the Outlast fabric which contains micro encapsulated phase change Thermocules to provide Adaptive Comfort in a range of products, including bedding. The TempraKON(tm) name stresses the product’s unique active temperature and humidity control ability. Unlike traditional quilts and pillows that simply trap heat, TempraKON(tm) bedding absorbs, stores, and releases heat as needed to reduce overheating and perspiration, helping you to sleep more soundly throughout the night and wake up more rested. TempraKON(tm) bedding keeps users more comfortable throughout their sleep cycles including the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle, which is most responsible for recharging the brain. These cycles can be disturbed by temperature variations and TempraKON(tm) bedding helps the user reach and maintain the optimum temperature needed to achieve REM sleep. “The Space Foundation is committed to recognizing and supporting the efforts of companies like Quilts of Denmark,” said Cook, who recently attended a special event at the Quilts of Denmark facility in Vampdrup, Denmark, to present owners Hans Schmidt and Soven Logstrup with their certification plaque. “Quilts of Denmark received the Certified Space Technology seal of approval because their space based product enhances the lives of people here on Earth. Our growing list of Space Certified products includes Tempur-Pedic Sleep Surfaces, Lexon Technologies Humanitarian Demining Flare, and Challenger Learning Centers.” For more information about Quilts of Denmark and their TempraKON(tm) products, visit About the Space Foundation Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., the Space Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to vigorously advance and support civil, commercial and national security space endeavors and educational excellence. The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, established the Space Certification Program and the Space Technology Hall of Fame to recognize innovators who transform technology originally developed for space use into commercial products, to increase public awareness of the benefits of space transfer technology, and to encourage further innovation. For more information about the Space Foundation, the Space Technology Hall of Fame and the Space Certification Program visit