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New Space Certification Program Web site set for launch

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Dec. 7, 2004) — The Space Foundation announced today that it will launch an all-new Web site for its exclusive Space Certification Program. The site will go live Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. MST. “Design improvements make it easier for visitors to navigate and access the expanded information provided for the extraordinary products and services this program aggressively promotes,” said Kevin C. Cook, director of Space Awareness Programs for the Space Foundation. “Companies interested in joining the program will also find it easier thanks to features like the online certification application process.” The Web site at was created to meet the increased need for web accessed information about this unique program. New features such as expanded media exposure have been fueled by the recent dramatic rise in program participation. “Our partner list has seen significant growth during the past 18 months,” said Cook. “Industry leaders such as Tempur-Pedic Sleep Surfaces, X-1R Performance Lubricants, and Outlast Phase Change Materials, are setting the standard by fully using their official certification status to enhance their marketing efforts and they are reaping the benefits.” About the Space Certification Program The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, developed this unique branding program to promote the extraordinary products and services that bring the benefits of space-related technology home to Earth and improve the quality of our lives. The Space Certification Program is designed to certify products that have their origins in space-related technology or that use space-derived resources for consumer benefit. This exciting program highlights products in three distinct areas: technology, education and entertainment. The certified seal is an important marketing credential for companies trying to establish an identity and a competitive advantage. Products prominently displaying the official certification seal not only gain a distinctive and competitive advantage in the marketplace, they also benefit from the ongoing marketing efforts of the Space Certification Program, the Space Foundation, and the synergy of public discussion and excitement about space. The space certification seal speaks volumes to potential customers. For more information about the program, visit the new Web site at or call Kevin C. Cook at (719) 576-8000. About the Space Foundation Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, the Space Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that vigorously advances civil, commercial, and national security space endeavors and educational excellence. The Space Foundation has offices in Washington, D.C., and Cape Canaveral, Fla. The Space Foundation annually conducts, along with its partnering organizations, the National Space Symposium, scheduled April 4-7, 2005, at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs; and Strategic Space 2005, scheduled Oct. 4-6, 2005, in Omaha, Neb. For more information, visit