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Ready, set, reflect! Space Foundation Welcomes Heatshield-R20 as New Certified Space Technology

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Mar. 25, 2008) — The Space Foundation announced that GBS/KWIK Company, manufacturer and distributor of Heatshield-R20 Radiant Barrier Paint Additive, is a new Certified Space Technology partner. Heatshield-R20 is a paint mix that acts as a protective, insulating barrier against heat transfer. The Space Certification program was created by the Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, to raise awareness and understanding about space and the significant and practical benefits of technologies originally developed for the space program, which have been adapted into products and services that improve life on Earth

“The Space Foundation is pleased to recognize GBS/KwikCompany as a partner in the Space Certification Program,” said Kevin Cook, director of space awareness programs for the Space Foundation. “Heatshield-R20 Radiant Barrier Paint Additive is an excellent example of how technologies originally developed for space exploration often provide practical benefits right here on Earth. We commend GBS/KwikCompany for helping make homes and places of business around the world more energy efficient.”

Heatshield-R20 uses hollow reflectospheres in a powder that can be mixed into virtually any paint to create a protective heat-blocking radiant barrier. Originally developed as a spray-on insulation to protect space shuttle components, the process involved a dangerous mix of chemicals and a narrow application window. GBS/KWIK Company produced an economical and safe spinoff to this proven space technology, which effectively reduces heating and cooling costs for home and business owners by reflecting heat away from any painted surface. The University of Colorado used Heatshield R-20 as an important part of their energy-efficient solar-powered houses that won the National Solar Decathlon in 2002 and 2005.

The Space Certification program highlights products in the technology, education, and imagination categories and plays an integral role in the Space Foundation’s mission to improve public awareness and appreciation of the practical benefits of space technology.

For more information about Heatshield-R20, visit For information about other space technologies that improve life here on Earth, visit the Space Certification Program online at

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