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Graz University of Technology Grants ECTS Credits to ISU’s 2011 Space Studies Program Participants

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International Space University logoStrasbourg, France (Nov. 16, 2010) – Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) will host the 24th Space Studies Program (SSP) of the International Space University (ISU) to be held on its campus in Graz, Austria, from 11 July – 09 September 2011.

The areas of strength of Graz University of Technology are combined in five interdisciplinary fields of expertise. These key fields make up the scientific fingerprint of the university at the heart of Europe on its journey to the international pinnacle.

Excellent contacts with industry and business can be seen in numerous participations in scientific competence centres and research networks. Co-operations with scientific partner institutes act as a further dynamo to success. Scientists carry out research and development at the highest level in the seven faculties and their 100-plus institutes. All these factors relate to ISU’s international, interdisciplinary and intercultural credo.

As a result of the ever increasing cooperation between TU Graz and ISU, the content of the upcoming Space Studies Program has been evaluated and recognized academically by the academic committee of TU Graz.

Participants interested in this opportunity are offered two possibilities:

  • Either they register as ‘extraordinary students’ at TU Graz and will upon successful completion of the SSP receive officially the 12 ECTS credits assigned to the program, at the same time being covered by other advantages such as health insurance for the period of their stay.
  • Or, they will receive a certificate from TU Graz as participant in the course, indicating the ECTS equivalence.

Prof. Otto Koudelka of TU Graz explains this offer as follows, “Having been involved myself in teaching at ISU, I am convinced of the high academic standard of the lectures and workshops given to ISU SSP participants. We consider the level academically equivalent to the TU Graz “Selected Topics on Space Research” series of lecture and therefore have decided to allocate the same number of ECTS credits, namely twelve, as we do to this course.”.

As ISU also recently obtained recognition of its programs in terms of ECTS from the U.S. University of North Dakota (UND), which strongly enhances the academic reputation of its programs.


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