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Space Foundation Student Art to Take Up Residence on the International Space Station

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Space Foundation Student Art to Take Up Residence on the International Space StationCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Jul. 6, 2011) — Student artwork submitted to the Space Foundation Student Art Contest held in conjunction with the recent National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo., will be taking a longer trip than expected when digital images of the paintings, drawings and multimedia compositions lift off to the International Space Station (ISS) this week aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The Space Foundation Student Art Contest invited students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade from across the nation to submit original artwork depicting the theme “Human Space Travel in the Year 2020,” resulting in entries from more than 150 students in 13 states. Thirty-six works of art were recognized and displayed at the National Space Symposium, held last April in Colorado Springs, where they caught the eye of a Japan Space Forum (JSF) Representative attending the event. JSF invited the Space Foundation to add images of the art to drawings, paintings, writings and photos created by Japanese students and scheduled to be sent to the ISS through a Japanese program called TERRAHEART. The launch is scheduled for this Friday.

The TERRAHEART project works with teachers in schools and other educational institutions in Japan to stimulate discussion about the future in the context of space. Through classroom activities and interconnected websites, the project explores:

  • What kinds of support do we need to help children develop and nurture their powers to live as good inhabitants of the Earth?
  • For each stage of their development, how can we strengthen the links between children, their inner selves, other human beings and nature – the Earth or the universe?

One element of the program connects children to the universe by housing their art on the ISS. “The International Space Station can be seen from anywhere on Earth as one of the brightly shining stars,” said Susumu Yoshitomi of JSF. “We hope that the knowledge that their works are in the same place together faraway in the universe will awaken children’s awareness of their interconnections as inhabitants of Earth.”

JSF coordinates an alliance of industry, government and academia for the development of Japan’s aerospace industry. Operating under policies established by the Japanese government, JSF supports research proposals and implements programs to educate and enlighten the public about the aerospace industry as well as provide for the exchange and development of human resources.

About the Space Foundation Art
The U.S. artwork included in the collection comprises all 150 submissions to the Space Foundation Student Art Contest, conducted earlier this year and sponsored by the ARES Corporation and the Fisher Space Pen Co.

“Having their art sent to the ISS is a special unexpected treat for the students who created such remarkable space-themed art,” said Space Foundation Vice President — Education Iain Probert. “The invitation to join the mission was based on the caliber of the winning work that was on display at the Symposium. The winners should be very proud.”

The winners of the Space Foundation Art Contest, organized by state and school, are:

East Elementary, Cullman
Emilee Strout, third place, grades preK-2 painting

Air Academy High School, Colorado Springs
Olivia Arens, first place, grades 9-12 multimedia

Cheyenne Mountain Elementary, Colorado Springs
Jackson Hawker, first place, grades preK-2 painting

The Classical Academy Central Campus, Colorado Springs
Lauren Baiza, second place, grades 3-5 multimedia
John Chandler Bolin, third place, grades 3-5 drawing
Delaney Krieger, first place, grades 3-5 multimedia
Audra Frieden, first place, grades 3-5 painting
Bryce George, first place, grades 6-8 drawing
Avery Nelson, first place, grades 6-8 multimedia

Discovery Canyon Campus, Colorado Springs
Team of Ian Arko, Christina Ostovic, Alexandra Palmer, Michael Robinson, third place, grades 6-8, multimedia

Eagleview Middle School, Colorado Springs
Toni Troje, third place, grades 6-8 painting

Grant Elementary, Colorado Springs
Hayden Bosler, third place, grades 3-5 multimedia

Greenwood School, Denver
Dimitra Theard, first place, grades 3-5 drawing, and grand prize, grades 3-5

Howbert Elementary, Colorado Springs
Hannah Marquez, second place, grades preK-2 drawing
Landon Vidmar, third place, grades preK-2 drawing

Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy, Colorado Springs
Hector Medrano, second place, grades 6-8 drawing

Mitchell High School, Colorado Springs
Carlos Ortiz, second place, grades 9-12 drawing

Otero Elementary, Colorado Springs
Anthony Twiggs, second place, grades 3-5 painting

Pinon Valley Elementary, Colorado Springs
Kelly St. John, second place, grades 3-5 drawing

Peyton Elementary, Peyton
Emilee Ullom, second place, grades 6-8 multimedia

Sand Creek High School, Colorado Springs
Audry Ancell, third place, grades 9-12 drawing
Kadre Disnute, second place, grades 9-12 painting
Colleen Fannin, first place, grades 9-12 painting, and grand prize, grades 9-12
Dillon Irish, first place, grades 9-12 drawing
Jin Kim, third place, grades 9-12 painting
Joann Wong, second place, grades 9-12 multimedia

Vera Scott Elementary, Colorado Springs
Serina Bartile, second place, preK-2 multimedia
Jillian Buckmiller, third place, grades preK-2 multimedia

Arthur Middleton Elementary, Waldorf
Joelle Starling, third place, grades 3-5 painting
Piccowaxen Middle School, Newburg
Matthew Fan, second place, grades 6-8 painting

Farnsworth Aerospace School, St. Paul
Suney Yang, first place, grades 6-8 painting, and grand prize, grades 6-8

Bellevue Elementary, Bellevue
Olivia Decker, first place, grades pre-K-2 multimedia
Joseph Matter, third place, grades 6-8 drawing

Arthur S. May Elementary, Poughkeepsie
Emma Fusco, first place, grades preK-2 drawing, and grand prize, grades preK-2
Megan Palestro, second place, grades preK-2 painting

Weslaco East High School, Weslaco
Vilma Flores, third place, grades 9-12 multimedia

Photos of the winning artwork and the National Space Symposium awards ceremony can be seen at:

Learn more about Space Foundation education programs at:

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Pictured: Suney Yang’s first-place-winning painting in the grades 6-8 category. Suney attends Farnsworth Aerospace School, St. Paul, Minn.