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Aerojet Announces Milestone Reached with EPA Order

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Sept. 28, 2011) – Aerojet, a GenCorp (NYSE: GY) company, announced today that on Sept. 20, 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a Unilateral Administrative Order to Aerojet to carry out remedial design and remedial action for the groundwater within the Perimeter Groundwater Operable Unit at Aerojet’s Sacramento, Calif. facility. The Order was issued after Aerojet and EPA agreed it was the quickest route to document the remedy requirements. The Order documents the requirement for completion of the work Aerojet began in 1981 and has continued through today to remediate contamination at the site.  

In 1981, Aerojet installed its first Groundwater Extraction and Treatment (GET) facility to treat volatile organic solvents in groundwater. Since then, Aerojet has significantly expanded its groundwater remedial system. Today Aerojet operates 10 treatment facilities and more than 100 extraction wells, enabling treatment in excess of 25 million gallons of groundwater per day. In addition, Aerojet has worked with EPA, California state environmental agencies, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board and water purveyors to ensure that no contaminated water sources are used for drinking water purposes.

According to Aerojet Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety, Chris Conley, “Over three-quarters of the infrastructure required by the Order have been implemented or are already substantially underway. Aerojet initiated these activities well in advance of issuance of the recent Order. The Order is simply the next step in the ongoing Superfund process at the Aerojet Sacramento site.” With respect to drinking water supplies, Conley added that “Aerojet’s long-running groundwater treatment activities have prevented the loss of additional drinking water supplies and will, over time, restore the groundwater for future beneficial use.”

Since Aerojet has been implementing the required actions in advance of the Order, the company is pleased to have achieved this milestone with the EPA. This work will result in the completion of the perimeter containment systems for chemicals in the groundwater at its Sacramento property. In accordance with the Order, Aerojet will add extraction wells and associated piping and conveyance systems; it will expand and/or consolidate existing treatment facilities and it will demolish an old treatment system on its Sacramento property. Aerojet anticipates design and construction of this expansion over the next one to two years, followed by long-term operation of the systems.

“Aerojet looks forward to continuing to work with EPA, state and local agencies and the local community in making steady progress in the remediation of the Sacramento facility,” Conley added. “Any members of the public who might have questions regarding our site restoration activities are encouraged to join our regular discussions with the Aerojet Superfund Community Advisory Group.”

To receive further information on this group, contact Janis Heple, chairperson, at (530) 757-8602.

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