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ISU takes its Executive MBA to the Southern Hemisphere

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Adelaide, Australia (Oct. 20, 2011) –  The International Space University (ISU) in collaboration with the University of South Australia (UniSA), launches for the first time, a module of its Executive MBA (EMBA) in the Southern hemisphere. This prime module focusing on business and economy is coordinated by Mr Michael Davis, ISU faculty, founder of Adelta Legal and is hosted by UniSA’s International Graduate School of Business, led by the Head of School, Professor Mile Terziovski.

ISU’s Executive MBA provides in depth understanding of business administration of the space sector and similar fields with a modular approach that takes its participants to various international locations throughout the curriculum. In this module held in Australia, the current participants will benefit from the professional experience of experts in accounting and financing, including Mr Henry Botha, member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Mr. Botha is also a founding partner at Higgins Botha where he conducted financial management training courses on behalf of corporate clients including Hills Industries and Boeing, government departments and educational institutions (including UniSA). Another ” local” space actor; Mr Brett Biddington, chairman of the Space Industry Association of Australia and a space policy consultant to both the government and private sector, will lecture on space policy in Australia and South East Asia.
Newly appointed ISU faculty, Ms Veronica La Regina, former Telespazio employee, will give the 23 executive participants a comprehensive insight into the telecommunications sector, mergers and acquisitions and business intelligence.

Participants will also have the privilege to meet with Australian astronaut Dr. Andy Thomas who will share some of his international experience. The EMBA class will visit some of Australia’s state of the art space facilities as well as some extra-curricular activities which will include the familiarization with some local wildlife and discovery of typical Australian culinary delights.

Torsten Kriening, Kriening International and present EMBA participant stated: “I am glad to have the opportunity to attend the EMBA12. This unique experience and the inspiring lectures about the space industry oriented education will deliver a ubiquitous value for me. Kriening International, a Berlin-based company for Business Development, Consulting and Sales activities, which I lead as Managing Director, will benefit from this great relationship with ISU.This course will boost my entrepreneurial spirit to a higher level of confidence to master the future challenges and industrial requirement in the space segment.”

The new EMBA class gathers selected executive participants from all around the world. 60% are from Europe, with the remaining 40% split evenly between the Middle East, North America and Asia-Pacific. In all, 14 different countries are represented. The average age of the group is 39. The participant backgrounds can be classified broadly as being either ‘technical’ (engineering/IT) or ‘non-technical’ (business/law). The current class has benefited from a very successful recruitment; with a total of 24 participants against 13 in the previous class of 2010.

The ISU Executive MBA provides excellence in training of space leaders in an uncompromising manner. The modular nature of the program allows high-value professionals to remain dedicated to their relevant tasks, while investing in their careers and future potential by joining a like-minded class. At the same time, the 9 residential weeks during an 18-month period allow the absorption of the relevant material and the creation of a balanced curriculum that seeks to exceed expectations and provide all the necessary skills for doing business in the space sector.

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