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Annual Report: Space Foundation Team

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Annual Report: Space Foundation Team The past year was a good one for the Space Foundation team.

In April, The NonProfit Times and Best Companies Group designated us as one of the Best Non-Profit Organizations to Work for 2011. We were ranked 19 out of the 50 organizations honored nationwide.

Plus, during the year, we grew our staff and expanded our capabilities. Here are some highlights from 2011.

Space Foundation Team Members Hired

Information Technology Technician Jason Barretta

Graphic Designer Deke Butler

Space Education Specialist Jason DaLee

Executive Assistant Ewa Folden

Administrative Assistant Cathryn Griffiths

Education Programs Assistant Cheryl Ledford

Customer Service Associate Randi Rivera

Development Assistant Kelly Shelton

Space Foundation Team Members Promoted

Manager - Client Services Bonnie Grihalva

Manager - Communications Carol Hively

Senior Director - Operations Art Ratkewicz

Customer Service Coordinator Randi Rivera

Manager - Customer Service Bernadette Sormani

Vice President - Human Resources Kathy Vinson

5-Year Milestones

Vice President - Education Iain Probert

Director - Education Bryan DeBates

Manager - Client Services Bonnie Grihalva

10-Year Milestone

Senior Vice President - Strategic Partnerships Elizabeth Wagner

15-Year Milestones

Director - Information Technology Fred Colclough

Senior Vice President - Strategic and International Affairs -Steve Eisenhart

25-Year Milestone

Chief Operating Officer Chuck Zimkas

Quantum Leap: 2011 Annual Report to be Released Later this Month
Watch for information about the upcoming Space Foundation annual report, Quantum Leap: 2011 Annual Report, which will be posted on our website.

To learn more about the Space Foundation, go to

Pictured, top to bottom: Recently promoted team members Bonnie Grihalva, Art Ratkewicz, Randi Rivera, Bernadette Sormani and Kathy Vinson

This article is part of Space Watch: January 2012 (Volume: 11, Issue: 1).