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Telespazio VEGA UK to Distribute Thuraya Solutions Globally

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Abu Dhabi (April 18, 2012) – To further meet the requirements of global vertical markets, Thuraya, the leading international mobile satellite services operator has recently signed a Service Partner agreement with Telespazio VEGA United Kingdom, a subsidiary of Telespazio SpA, a Finmeccanica/Thales company. Through this partnership, Telespazio VEGA will distribute Thuraya’s integrated portfolio of satellite communications products which includes Thuraya IP, the world’s most compact satellite broadband solution supporting 384 streaming, Thuraya’s handheld phones and maritime solutions.

Through its global distribution network, Telespazio VEGA will enable consumers from sectors such as government, enterprise, broadcast media, energy and NGOs to enjoy the cutting-edge service offered by Thuraya that provides seamless coverage in more than 140 countries.

“By partnering with Telespazio VEGA, a company that has a long history in the mobile satellite services industry, we are ensuring that vertical market consumers are able to access our versatile product range and meet their particular needs. This agreement is part of our consistent efforts to expand our distribution chain in the relevant markets and sectors,” said Thuraya’s Vice President of Distribution, Mr. Muiz Saad.

On a similar note, Mark Green, Head of Customer Operations at Telespazio VEGA said, “Thuraya delivers an excellent combination of a robust network and first-class products. We are delighted that we can now offer these to our client base. “

About Thuraya Telecommunications Company

Thuraya is a leading international mobile satellite services operator that provides world-class satellite communication solutions in more than 140 countries and worldwide services on terrestrial networks.

Thuraya’s robust satellite network coverage spans across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia covering two-thirds of the world’s population enabling them to communicate clearly and effectively in areas underserved by terrestrial networks.

Thuraya’s portfolio covers data, voice and maritime products and services that support dual GSM and satellite mode, and advanced applications, to provide people and businesses with constant connectivity when they need it most. Thuraya specifically designs successful satellite communication solutions for vertical sectors such as energy, media, government, NGOs and maritime.

Thuraya was founded in 1997 by a consortium of leading national telecommunications operators and reputed regional and international investment firms, and is the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite handhelds in its coverage area.

Company Profile Telespazio VEGA UK Ltd.

Telespazio VEGA is a highly experienced consulting, technology and engineering services business, which supports satellite operators and manufacturers worldwide and helps other organizations to benefit from the applications of space data and services.

In the field of Telecommunications, Telespazio VEGA has developed a highly successful business that offers the very best in mobile satellite communications, providing broadband data and voice services in the world’s remotest locations with a reliable and easy-to-use service. Telespazio VEGA is one of the only systems integrators to deliver flexibility, mobility, voice and data links, ease of use and security worldwide.

Telespazio VEGA is a subsidiary of Telespazio SpA, which is one of the world’s leading operators in satellite services. It employs around 2,500 people and operates a network of four Space centers and 25 sites worldwide, including the Fucino Space Centre — the largest satellite telecommunications centre in the world for civil use, which has more than 90 operational antennas.

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