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Call for Papers: International Space University Symposium Seeks Abstracts

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The International Space University (ISU) has issued a call for papers for its 17th Annual International Symposium, to be held March 5 -7, 2013, on the ISU campus in Strasbourg, France. The 2013 theme is “Space Technology and Tele-reach: Benefiting Humanity on Earth and Beyond.”

The Symposium will address tele-reach, a term referring to technologies and applications that allow remote presence, participation, interaction or control. The program will explore the role that space can play in broadening and sustaining the ‘reach’ of information and communication technology (ICT) systems to benefit humankind and on widening the scope to include fields such as tele-presence and tele-operation of remote equipment on Earth and in space.

The choice of Symposium theme originates from an ISU white paper, “‘Tele-Reach for the Global South,” written by participants at ISU’s Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program in early 2012. The paper assessed how space and ICT technologies can help countries south of the Tropic of Cancer achieve Millenium Development Goals (MDG) as defined by the United Nations for hygiene, health, environmental stability and other criteria.

Abstract Deadline is Oct. 26

Abstracts of around 300 words must be sent by Oct. 26 to: [email protected]

Submissions should include the title, authors’ names, affiliations and contact addresses. Also, please indicate for which of the following Symposium session(s) the contribution is submitted:

1) Tele-Reach Needs, Current Provisions and Future Plans
2) Tele-Education
3) Tele-Health
4) Tele-Reach and the Environment
5) Other Applications of Tele-Reach on Earth and in Space
6) Political, Economic, Legal and Ethical Challenges

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This article is part of Space Watch: September 2012 (Volume: 11, Issue: 9).