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Freer Logic BodyWave Device Provides Control

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Nov. 14, 2012) – Controlling apps on your iPhone or Android via mind alone is now possible. Freer Logic’s BodyWave® device provides control of apps on iPhone, Android, or PC via the ebb and flow of brain activity. A small wristband controls the apps and makes BodyWave truly unique. No intrusive or silly looking headset is required.

BodyWave uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit data to the phone or PC device. The wristwatch size device detects transmissions from the brain via 3 sensors that touch the skin. This unobtrusive device can detect patterns of attention, relaxations, stress/anxiety, and peak brain performance.

While its form factor and design are quite simple, BodyWave’s implications are staggering. It can be worn to tell a golfer when to make a putt, a surgeon to lay a scalpel, or a day trader to buy or sell. BodyWave is currently used to train NASA to test supersonic flight simulations, the nuclear power industry, NASCAR, medical schools, and Olympic teams.

BodyWave is a Certified Education Product by the Space Foundation.

To view BodyWave and pre-order the device, visit:

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