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Colorado Springs Business Journal Writes on Pioneering

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Colorado Springs Business Journal reporter Amy Gillentine spoke with Space Foundation CEO Elliot Pulham last month about PIONEERING: Sustaining U.S. Leadership in Space. The resulting article, published Jan. 31, quotes both supporters and detractors of the report.

In the interview, Pulham talked about the process of socializing the report and the reaction from the space community:

“For Pulham, the work is just starting. The Space Foundation staff in the Springs and at the nation’s capital are working to develop legislation to make the pioneering report a reality. It’s a long-term project, he says, but he thinks it’s an important one. And the detractors don’t worry him,” said the article, which went on to quote Pulham: “There are always what I call ‘anti-bodies,’” he said, “people who don’t like change. But we haven’t seen very much of that with this report. NASA is such a well-loved agency, everyone — on both sides of the aisle — wants to see it succeed. We think this report is the first step in that journey.”

Read the full article here.

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