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Panel Asks Humans Wanted? Humans Needed?

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The Humans Wanted? Humans Needed? The Future of Cyber panel at Cyber 1.3 was moderated by Jim Kohlenberger, president, JK Strategies, with panelists: Peter G. George, president, General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions; Steven K. Hawkins, vice president, Information Security Solutions, Raytheon Company; and Antonio Nucci, Ph.D., chief technology officer, Narus.

Kohlenberger started the discussion by saying, “Humans inadvertently make mistakes. But humans have the greatest challenges and potential in cyber innovation. Verizon found 97 percent of cyber security breaches were inadvertent human error.” 

“Only expose people to what they need to be exposed to, no more, no less,” said Nucci. “That makes the employees safer and keeps the mission more secure.”

According to George, three things are needed to deal with the adversary: cutting-edge technology, expertise and threat intelligence on the adversary.
Hawkins said to create diversity in systems, or breaking in “will just be a speedbump for them. So many of the techniques, for offensive and defensive cyber, are the same.”

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