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Panel Looks at Digital Natives and Their Solutions

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The Digital Natives and Their Solutions panel at Cyber 1.3. was moderated by Daniel (Dan) Mosqueda, director, Air Force Programs, Universities Space Research Association, and featured:
  • Joe Heagerty, business development director, Security & Information Operations Business Unit, Cyber Solutions Division, Northrop Grumman Information Systems 
  • CMSgt. Linus Jordan, USAF, command chief master sergeant, Air Force Space Command


Heagerty began the discussion saying, “Collaboration is key; knowledge is essential. We need to build a pipeline of future employees.” 

According to Jordan, one issue is, “We find ourselves having to define intrinsic levels of value” to young talent. One of the mistakes we’ve made is making education a commodity, rather than a resource, with regards to national security.”

Heagerty said there is a need to “…incubate new research tech with recent grads.”

Jordan says air and space are natural domains, whereas cyber is a man-domain. “It’s difficult for people who are not in cyber to understand cyber,” Jordan says. “Even professionals in the industry are confused.”

Jordan said we need military personnel trained to a certain level before using them in cyber. “Cyber is too important and too pervasive not to train people properly.”

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